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Panasonic's Wireless Video Intercom brings upgraded features and ease of operations that will enhance security for your family. It can be easily installed and conveniently expended. The system includes a monitor for seeing and hearing activity at the front door, a convenient wireless monitor that can be carried about an IPS LCD that can be easily viewd at angles and from below, a beautiful 5.2 inch color monitor, recording support that can safely that can safely support a maximum of 400 images, and whole lot more. And, it comes with the transfer calling that allows use as an ordinary phone plus a host of features for enhancing family communications.

Product Code: VL-SW251


  • Wireless Handset: Check Visitors and respond promptly from everywhere home and even while you are doing something else by wireless handset.
  • 5.2 inch Large LCD Monitor: Large 5.2 inch IPS LCD on main monitor offers easy viewing at wide angleseven when small childrens look it up from the lower position.
  • Picture Recording Function: The intercom records the images upto 400 [50 seperate sessions]. This is highly secured and useful feature while you are away from home.  
  • Voice Changer Function: This makes a women voice sound's like a man's when speaking with visitors. This helps to make women feel more secure.
  • Intercom Call: If Optional monitors care connected to the system, you can use the monitor to call other monitors.
  • Electric Lock Release Support (Door Opener): The Door lock can be easily and quickly repleased even from the another room of the house if an additional monitor is connected.