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Optional Door Station for Video Intercom System

The Panasonic Video Intercom offers medium system expendability via ccombination with optional products, not only for detached houses but also apartment buildings to meet customer needs for safety and convenience. You may attach 4 Groups with this product.

Product Code: VL-VF540

  • Up to 4 Groups (Up to 12 Monitors and 4 Individual Door Stations with 4 Electric Locks).: 4 groups of monitors can be connected to support up to 4 households.
  • Night Vision with LED Lights and Illumination Sensor : The LED automatically lights up when the surrounding area gets dark, making it easier for visitors to see at night.
  • 4 Name Plates: You can show the name of each household on a name plate.
  • Electric Lock Release: The door lock can be easily and quick released. If an optional monitor is connected, you can release locks from any room.
  • For Both Surface Mounting and Flush Mounting Supported: Support for both surface mounting and flush mounting, to enable installation in various environments.