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The PT-LB3 Series offers superb basic performance, such as a 5,000-hour*1 lamp replacement cycle. Its Intelligent Power Management function allows resistance to sudden voltage fluctuations. A network function reduces management tasks with a wired LAN connection, and allows flexible system upgrading. And an easy setup function enables quick operation for portable use. This kind of versatility brings efficient visual communication to all kinds of applications.

Product Code: PT-TW330EAS1

  • The New Lamp Drive System Enables a 5,000-hour*1 Lamp Replacement Cycle
  • Easy Portability with a Compact, A4-File-Size Body
  • Intelligent Power Management Function Allows Resistance to Sudden Voltage Fluctuations*3
  • The Daylight View Basic Function Ensures Clear Images Even in Brightly Lit Rooms
  • Low Standby Power Consumption of 0.4 W*8 Helps the Environment
  • Quiet 29 dB*6 Design Helps to Hold Viewers' Attention
  • Easy Remote Monitoring and Control Even When Mounted on the Ceiling
  • Top-Panel Lamp Replacement and Side Air Filter Replacement Simplify Maintenance Even for a Ceiling-Mounted Projector
  • Various Interfaces Allow Use with a Wide Range of Systems
  • Direct Power Off Function - Unplug the Power Cord Immediately After Use
  • Index Window: You can split the screen into two windows, right and left, and display a frozen (still) image in one and a real-time action image in the other
  • Digital Zoom: Expands selected parts of the display up to three times their original size.*
  • Freeze Function: This function lets you display still images by freezing a motion image.
  • AV mute: Temporarily turns off both the image and the sound
  • Background Colour: When there is no signal from the source device, a solid background colour (settable to either blue or black) is displayed on the screen to help prevent connection errors.
  • A Compact, Easy-to-Use Wireless Remote Control
  • Selectable 17-language on-screen menu